Wi-Fi Gateway Add-On

The TD-XPAH-WIFI-GW-HAT was developed from the Teledatics Kicad daughterboard 'hAT' template. The Kicad template can be installed in Kicad 6.x or newer versions.

The Teledatics GUI standalone mode firmware automatically recognizes and initializes the Wi-Fi Gateway hAT on boot.

The TD-XPAH-WIFI-GW-HAT uses the Espressif ESP32-C3 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi chip with esp-hosted firmware. The esp-hosted firmware allows an external MCU to control the ESP32-C3 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth features over the SPI bus.

All TD-XPAH-WIFI-GW-HAT boards come with the esp-hosted firmware already flashed to the accessory board.

The latest version of the Teledatics GUI firmware must be downloaded to your TD-XPAH in order to use the Wi-Fi Gateway accessory board. Please follow the instructions to re-flash your TD-XPAH board with the latest version of the Teledatics GUI firmware for Wi-Fi Gateway functionality.

The ESP32-C3 module used on the accessory board can be flashed with the esp-hosted firmware by using the mini USB connection on the add-on board. Please follow the Espressif documentation to flash the TD-XPAH-WIFI-GW-HAT. The flash procedure is identical to that for flashing the Espressif ESP32-C3-DevKitM-1.