Air Quality Sensor Add-On

The TD-XPAH-SENS-HAT was developed from the Teledatics Kicad daughterboard 'hAT' template. The Kicad template can be installed in Kicad 6.x or newer versions.

The Teledatics GUI standalone mode firmware automatically recognizes and initializes the Air Quality Sensor hAT on boot.

The TD-XPAH-SENS-HAT uses the SHT30 temperature & humidity sensor chip and the SGP30 CO2 & VoC (volatile organic compounds) sensor chip. All required software and drivers are included in the open source Teledatics GUI firmware source code tree on our github repository.

The Teledatics GUI will display temperature, humidity, CO2 PPM, and VoC PPM updated every 5 seconds via a web socket.

Teledatics developed an I2C 'C' language SGP30 library and an I2C 'C' language SHT30 library to support the TD-XPAH-SENS-HAT.